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Albert and Amy Faggard’s “Past and Present”
08th Aug 2015
Albert and Amy Faggard’s “Past and Present”

This show is a collaboration between Albert and Amy Faggard.  For years they’ve had solo shows but this is their first show they are putting on together.  Mr. and Mrs. Faggard both have a Master’s Degrees in the arts and use the skills they acquired to critique each other’s work.

The show will have various styles and themes, coming from each person, with a couple of collaborative pieces.  One of the things that the artists want to convey to their audience is that an artist can vary their styles and skills to come up with very different pieces, and that they don’t have to stick labels like “traditional artist” or “realism artist” on themselves.

Both of them are current art teachers here in the local area.  Amy works for the Bridge City ISD and Albert teaches at Lamar Port Arthur.

Below are some of the works that will be shown during the event.

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